New Players

To join the Rain City Soccer Club you should do the following:

  1. Fill out our new player intake form for team seeking, events, newsletters, and Kickabout. We’ll respond within a week.
  2. Find us on Facebook and like our page.  We shouldn’t be hard to find if you search for “Rain City Soccer Club”.  This is where we post upcoming events and information about the club.
  3. Join us at Kick-About on Sundays.  This is the best way to meet other members and play with other people who can help connect you with a team/manager that best suits your skill level and needs. Dates, times, and details for Kickabout events are posted to our Facebook page and sent to subscribers of the club’s email list. To join the email list for newsletters, fill out the player intake form above.

General Information for New Players in Seattle: RCSC is a club, not a soccer league, so we don’t set game cost/fees, schedule games, manage rosters, enforce rules, etc. Team management is handled by each of the team’s captain/manager, who are working directly with the Seattle leagues. Players should direct questions to their team managers. If there’s an opening on a team, the team’s manager will have specifics on how to register, cost, game locations, uniforms, player expectations, socializing, etc. Getting registered, paying, and other aspects of playing soccer are the responsibility of the player.

In general, games are played all across the Seattle area and usually 10-20 minutes driving from downtown Seattle (like the Space Needle). RCSC and its volunteers are unable to provide any financial or logistical support to players (such as transportation). People are encouraged to connect with fellow players for carpooling or utilize public transportation options.

Get involved & Volunteer!

Rain City is looking for your help with events and club offerings. If you’re dedicated, enthusiastic, and looking to make a difference, please reach out to us if one of the following roles sounds like a good fit for you! Please keep in mind these roles involve an average time commitment of 1 hour per week.

To learn more, please contact the club’s President, Andrew Kada, at

  • Event (Kickabout) Manager: This person will lead kickabouts, bringing club gear and collecting field offset dollars for the Treasurer. This person will also help coordinate social events between venues and the club. The ideal person likes playing soccer and is outgoing!
  • Content Manager: This person identifies, creates, and proposes content/communications to share with the club community. They work with our social media manager and other leaders. This person will help share new and exciting information.
  • Club Volunteer: Help with the general needs of the club, such as facilitating pickup games and special events.
  • Photographer: Take awesome photos for our content, such as Facebook and newsletters.
  • Secretary: This person organizes club meetings and disseminates action items to board members. They’ll assist leadership with drafting special club messages.