Mission Statement

Our Mission…

Rain City Soccer Club’s mission is to provide our community with a safe environment to meet, play soccer, and build lasting relationships. We were founded on the notion that we are all about building a supportive and inclusive queer community first, soccer second.

Where We Come From…

The oldest, most historic part of our club is our team: Stonewall FC, who was founded in 1989 – to represent the Seattle area in the 1990 Gay Games in Vancouver Canada – and has proudly represented the club nationally and internationally for 35 years! Going into our 24th year, we were officially founded as a club in 2000 by Eric Erdmann & Brendan Patrick after several years as a grassroots group focused on creating and maintaining LGBTQ+ inclusive sports spaces locally.

Our Vision…

Our organization helps coordinate various levels of play from introductory player programs (Skill Clinics) to open scrimmages (Kickabout) to local and travel league Teams to our own club tournaments (Friendly Tournament & PRIDE Season) to advocacy programs (Kicking Out Transphobia) to special holiday events (Spooktacular) focused on community building.  A primary focus of our club has always been in giving back to our community, we do so by coordinating annual seasonal events (Calendar) and community service projects (Community Outreach).

Our club is comprised of over 1,300 individuals of various skill levels and ages participating in various club-hosted events throughout the year. The purpose of RCSC is to give space to those who have a shared passion for our sport, and want to participate in whatever way is meaningful for them. Anyone who believes in our mission and joins any event – be it once or a hundred times a year – is considered an RCSC member. Some attendees are team members, join Kickabouts, learn new tactics in our skills clinics, attend fun themed events, join community building functions, participate in fundraisers, enroll in tournaments, or even travel and represent the our club on a national/international scale.

We Strive To…

Provide opportunities to play on competitive and recreational LGBTQ+ teams of various skill levels

Provide opportunities to learn to play soccer in a welcoming, safe, and empowering environment

Organize social events where LGBTQ+ people (and allies) can connect in a supportive, understanding, and inclusive setting

Be represented by and equally inclusive of all genders and orientations

Provide a healthy environment for soccer players, their friends, and families