Community Involvement

As of 2024, Rain City Soccer Club is officially a 501(c)3!

What Does That Mean…

501(c)(3) organizations are nonprofit groups with a dedicated mission. Many people use these terms interchangeably: nonprofit, charity, exempt organization, and 501(c)(3). A required aspect of a 501(c)(3) that differentiates from every other type of 501 is building/maintaining a profitable revenue stream while also executing mission-driven and giving-back programs in our area that cater to our demographic.

Rain City S. C. is proud to be a 501(c)(3) organization that operates in the greater Seattle area (King County). A defining aspect of the club has always been a commitment back to our local community, long before we were ever a non-profit; this is our mission and purpose. Giving back is what we do. But non-profit status is ground breaking for us, it allows us to launch and develop plans for our community like never before. What this means for our club and our members is that we are now able to start applying for grants and scholarships that create financial assistance programs. Volunteer hours and donations can now be tax deductible and corporate-matched, we can also apply for sponsorships, grants, and federal assistance money to continue helping to grow our club and create a space free of financial barriers to access!

What Giving Back and Outreach Looks Like…

External Programs…

Outreach DEI Inclusivity training program connected to BFC Foundation work on impacting youth in soccer (Photography by BFC’s @blakedahlin)

Annual parade designed to model and celebrate queer diversity in Seattle; a fun and inclusive way for the club to amplify and celebrate our history

RCSC members buy, cook, and deliver wholesome and nutritious meals to one of YouthCare’s shelters on a monthly basis during the pandemic

Ongoing partnership with donating time and energy back to our local community through education and resource access

Internal Programs…


Low fund program designed to provide a low-cost access model to weekly scrimmages regardless of skill level while implementing gender-free language and team-building

Skills Clinic

Free, no-cost model tailored specifically for new or returning players interested in building skills proficiency in an environment of inclusivity

Kicking Out Transphobia

No-cost model event exclusively for those facing barriers in gendered sports spaces built to challenge the belief that gender impacts sports

Friendly Tournament Financial Assistance

Sliding scale financial assistant model to cover registration costs to offset financial barriers to access

PRIDE Season Financial Assistance

Sliding scale financial assistant model to cover registration, commuting, jersey, and equipment costs to offset financial barriers to access

Program Fundraisers

Funds scholarships for equipment, field access, supporting/highlighting local queer organizations

Sibling Organization Partnerships

Build inclusion and networking at non-RCSC events on a national/international scale to foster relationships and spread awareness


Have a program, community event, passion project, or volunteer organization dear to you that could use our help? Let us know here!