Here at RCSC, every dollar matters. In 2024, we have proudly rebranded as an official 501(c)3! RCSC is a certified non-profit licensed in Washington State, King County, and Seattle. As one of the oldest queer soccer clubs in North America many people assume we function like a large organization relying on club dues and big corporate sponsors. The reality is we do not engage with corporate sponsorships, and we deliberately keep our membership dues-free. All of our leaders are unpaid volunteer positions; our club typically offer 70+ events a year, and work hard to develop all of our program models with a few barriers to access as possible.

The reality is, it’s donors like you who keep the doors open and the lights on. Many of our programs are low-cost or no-cost programs, and while it really warms our hearts to offer programs for those who need it most, it makes our financial challenge all the more real. Funds raised are used for: financial registration assistance for low-income players in our tournaments and leagues, team fee assisted registrations with outside leagues when possible, jersey allocation, tents/rain covers/hydration, banners/sunscreen, storage costs, and so much more.

We are incredibly proud, grateful, and excited to partner with Zeffy this year. They are a donation company focused on non-profits that pass on 100% of your donations without fees – we couldn’t be more grateful for their support.