Our Roots…

RCSC was officially founded as a club in 2000 and has been a standalone LGBTQ+ soccer presence in the Seattle area since. In our history RCSC has been one of the oldest, largest, most represented leagues in the United States. Every day, every month, every year, the club continues to grow while developing and diversifying in new ways to meet members’ expectations and fight for inclusion in the world of soccer. None of what we have today would be possible without the immense work, time, effort, and dedication of those who came before us. This page, this space, is deep heart-felt gratitude: it exists to recognize all the people who helped build RCSC, even if they have moved on from RCSC leadership, or perhaps even moved from the area.

Our Gratitude…

We are the sum of our parts and a legacy to those who helped make us the space we are today. To this day you’ll find many former leaders still actively involved in the club, playing on teams, coordinating events, even visiting old friends in the area.

Here is an intentional space created so that previous leaders can be showcased, acknowledged, and recognized for their individual hard work and association with this club. Please, if you know names/info for people we have missed, reach out to us. There is always space here for gratitude.

My deepest thanks to you all for making RCSC possible.

– Salem

Our Founders…

Eric Erdmann & Brendan Patrick

Our Presidents…

Andrew Kada
Kim Glusick
Jared Auckland
Brandon Rust
Josh Kemper
Alex Hamill
Tyler Juel
Will Dixon
Christian Patrick

Our Board Members…

Brett Hodson
Jared Keirn
Jamal Holland
Mark Verner
Shay Pickett
Lee Hibbets
Drew Dovarreo
Pam Dunkley
Steven Landry
Kelvin Lee
Matt Feist
Joey Chapman
Michael Holberg
Chad Sherman
Patt Perry
Pam Winsome
Jerice O’Malley
Neil Palmer
Collin Cejka
Steven Court
Todd Armstrong
Kenneth Minogue
Mike Heath
Christopher Friend
Mo LaFollette
Katie Taylor
Dominic Elliott
Jamal Holland
Ross Swartwout
Barbara Mahoney
Steve Mongovin
Kim Benner
Amy Johnson
Bill Killian
Michael Killian
Jamie Cross
Chris Bresemann
Curtis Cartmill
Ty Bottorff