Friendly Tournament

Registration for our 2024 Friendly Tournament is now closed!

We can’t wait! We’re expecting players from all over North America – read below to see what’s coming up!

Still want to be involved over the weekend? Join us as a Volunteer! We’re also still looking for Referees!


What should I expect?

Friday, May 24th – Meet & Greet! – Volunteer Park, Seattle WA

Join us for a kickoff party to meet your team, meet other players from Seattle and beyond, and play a few games with us! Volunteer Park is a 20-minute walk away from queer Capitol Hill’s bars and restaurants – find some new friends and hit the town. But don’t go too crazy, you want to be sharp for Saturday!

Saturday, May 25th – Game Play All Day! – North SeaTac Park, SeaTac WA

Make your way to North SeaTac Park for a full day of game play (9 vs. 9, 30-minute games), game day ‘fits, team bonding, queer community and queer sports! Game play will be split into Recreational and Competitive Games – when you register, be sure to select which division you want to play in. There will be breaks built into the schedule, and snacks and drinks will be provided throughout the day. (More info about lunch still to come!)

After the tournament, everyone has time to head home, hit the showers, freshen up, then meet us back at Madison Pub in Capitol Hill for the afterparty. Celebrate with your team, and see where the night takes you!

Sunday, May 26th – Kicking Out Transphobia Match! and Picnic – Montlake Playfield, Seattle WA

The Kicking Out Transphobia match is a match for gender non-conforming players! It will be a scrimmage style game focused on inclusion and community building that players can sign up for when registering. While the players are our gender non-conforming friends, we heavily encourage sideline participation and invite all cheerleaders and fans to come watch. This event will be catered for all, with half-time drag performances. Match participants will be provided with a free 2024 edition RCSC KOT event jersey!

After the KOT match, Tournament registrants are welcome to spend the rest of their weekend however they want. Join us for our weekly Sunday Kickabout at Cal Anderson Park, 1pm Sunday, or explore Seattle with the new friends you’ve made during the weekend.


Check out Last Year’s Photos!

A Little Bit of History…

RCSC started it’s history in 1989 by forming a team of queer locals to represent the area at the infamous 1990 Gay Games in Vancouver, CN. In 1996 the group shifted to begin offering grassroots options in the local area to encourage the growth of queer soccer. The club was officially founded in 2000 and from there a legacy has sprung.

Even back to the very beginning, no one can quite pinpoint exactly when RCSC’s Friendly Tournament truly started. The reality is the club’s history has always been rooted in inclusion, embracing our diversity and identity, and focused on amplifying queer voices in the sport. Club documentation that goes all the way back to the early 2000’s shows the Friendly Tournament as always being a highlighted event the club has hosted. What originally began as friendly exhibition games has blossomed into an event that in the last 20+ years has grown, featuring players from all over North America showcasing our unique approach to building community and relationships and focusing on collaboration and networking.

Now the tournament features over a dozen teams in two divisions competing in an all-day event on Saturday and part of a much larger weekend event allowing us to showcase the best of our programs to visitors and locals alike and highlight all the amazing things the city of Seattle has to offer.

As a club we are proud of our age and heritage, and we are even prouder still to be one of the few standalone queer soccer clubs in America. RCSC runs on a break-even model, that means every dollar raised goes directly into funding local queer programs, events, and businesses right here in the Seattle and greater King County area.

A huge component of our Tournament model is our Kicking Out Transphobia match, a free event during our tournament weekend that demonstrates the impact of removing gendered rules from soccer and creating cost-free, no barrier access to sports limited to gender diverse individuals. This program highlights the need for non-gendered sports spaces and inclusive pitches focused on the love of sports rather than gender. We know that players such as these are significantly more likely to face under/un-employment, housing instability, limited support and family access, proportionally disadvantaged access to medical care, and lack of community and inclusion. We know that members who encompass this identity as well as intersectionality from multiple marginalized communities are also disproportionately affected.

Got any questions? DM us on instagram, or email your Friendly Tournament Program Manager, Charlie Daniels!