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RCSC prides itself on being different from most clubs. Since our founding we have held true to our core values: we don’t believe in annual membership dues.

Anyone who considers themself a member of the club, is one, no matter how many events you attend. We focus on “Community First, Soccer Second”.

Come join us and see what “being a member” means to you.

New Players

Come get involved with the Rain City Soccer Club!

  1. Subscribe to our Newsletter to receive club emails and stay informed about upcoming opportunities.
  2. RequestWeekly Email Reminder to join us at our Kickabout Sunday scrimmages.
  3. Join our RCSC Discord! Catch up on the latest news, make friends, get the inside scoop on what everyone is talking about, and see if joining our subs list is right for you!
  4. Play at our Sunday Kickabout scrimmages! This is the best way to meet other members and start playing soccer with the club. At Kickabout, you can connect with players that fit your skill level and interests.
  5. Learn new tips and tricks at our Skills Clinics! New to the sport or looking for a refresher course? We love watching and helping you grow. There’s nothing like making friends and running drills as a fun way to get to meet new people and build your playing style.
  6. Networking and making friends on your New Year’s resolution list? Check out our Club Calendar to see all we offer for community building and socializing through out the year. The club hosts over 70 individual events and programs every year!
  7. Roster on a Team! The club prides itself by having plenty of teams to choose from with rosters to match almost any level and playing style you might like check out the page for more info. Be careful though, many teams fill up fast!
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