Kicking Out Transphobia

Kicking Out Transphobia (KOT)

On May 21st 2023 Rain City Soccer Club was proud to host its first ever Kicking Out Transphobia match, a highlighted special event that was part of the much larger club-famous RCSC Friendly Tournament. Records were set. Not only we were proud to be the first West Coast club to offer such an event, our attendance for the program was the highest in Kicking Out Transphobia’s recorded history. Fifty-two members from all over the United States and Canada enrolled, registered, and showed up ready to play. It was also the first match comprised of trans, non-binary, and gender non-conforming full-roster teams. We were also the first club to have our program proudly attended and celebrated by CHEER Seattle, our local LGBTQIA+ cheer volunteering group in the Seattle area. While advocacy should never be limited to cyclical events, offering these events is a wonderful platform to launch from.

Going forward the Kicking Out Transphobia match will be a staple FREE event during our Friendly Tournament weekend. We know that representation matters, especially on sports pitches where adherence to antiquated gender rules create barriers of access to the wonderful environment that is community building in sports. At RCSC we look forward to offering KOT – and other programs throughout the year – that foster a loving, inclusive, nurturing environment where people can be themselves without fear of judgement.

Rain City Soccer Club is excited to see other sibling clubs join this movement and extremely proud to still hold the title of “Largest Gender Non-Conforming Participants Match”. From this work and other grassroots efforts, this program has grown exponentially. RCSC’s current president Salem has attended many of these matches trying to help spread the word outside of the greater Seattle area.


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Kicking Out Transphobia was originally conceptualized as a community project, a tournament fundraiser in 2020 in Philadelphia branded as Kicking Out Transphobia Tournament Mundial (KOTT). The partnership comprised of CASA Soccer and the Philly Falcons. Yunio Martinez is the founder behind the mundial program; a visionary who wanted to use engagement from a large tournament to highlight the inequities that exist in soccer related to gender and other complex issues. Since its inception, Yunio has spearheaded campaigns across North America to offer this program to many clubs as a model regarding how advocacy for inclusion could look like. Yunio has been recognized and awarded for his ground breaking work. RCSC is honored to join him in his quest to amplify this message in our local community by launching our own internal program held every year during our International Friendly Tournament.

RCSC is not a funding affiliate of the Philadelphia program. For more information on that program run by Yunio Martinez, please see below: