Skills Clinics

We’re an LGBTQIA+ soccer club that is inclusive to anyone who wants to learn and grow regardless of skill level!

2023 Skills Clinic Schedule Viewable on our Club Calendar.

Our Skills Clinics

We believe in our no-barrier-to-access programs, and we think fundamental skill training and confidence building through personal development aren’t things people should have to pay for. 

That’s where our Free Skills Clinics come in.

The goal of Skills Clinic is to help new players feel comfortable and confident when on the field. Skills Clinics cover topics such as receiving, passing, dribbling, and positions and communication on the field. Each Clinic will build on the topics covered in the last session, so we recommend coming to sessions regularly – but anyone can drop in and out as their schedule allows!

These clinics have been developed and will be led by our very own Dekel Zuhri. Dekel is a veteran not only in our club, but also in the elite world of soccer in general, having spent many years of his career shaping and defining his impact on the world of coaching and advanced skills building. Dekel will be joined frequently by other advanced skills experts at each clinic; as a diverse club, we are extremely lucky to have soccer coaching and training professionals on our board and in our community willing to donate their time to run these free clinics to meet our members’ needs. 

Wherever you are at developmentally, we are excited to work with you to help you grow.

“No registration needed – head to our calendar to check out upcoming sessions, and we’ll see you there!”

Want to see more photos of what Skills Clinic is like? Check out our media page for action shots!

Community First, Soccer Second

As a club when we say “community first, soccer second”, we mean it. We are defined by an unmatched passion in our love of soccer but firmly grounded in our intentionality to always put community building first.

The members that make up our community come from all walks of life. Many have been avid soccer fans and passionate players for years; others are casual players who are returning to the love of soccer after a long absence, or rediscovering a new love for an old passion when soccer is aligned with queer advocacy. 

Even more frequently we are seeing brand new members, not only to the club, but new to our beloved sport. These are brave folks willing to try being “bad” at something because they never had a comfortable space before to feel welcomed as themselves in the world of sports. 

Regardless of each individual’s particular background, our Skills Clinics are designed to train players towards a uniformed skill set and with it, a new-found confidence on the pitch. Our entire goal is breaking down and removing barriers so that any and all who are interested in the sport feel welcome, included, and armed with the skills they need to play.

We look forward to seeing you there!