Volunteer at RCSC

Want to make an LGBTQ+ difference in Seattle?

As a club we know we are only as diverse as we are intentional, a portion of work this year and every year will be networking within and external to the club to find more board volunteers who wish to be involved in key aspects of business. “Many hands make light work” – while this is certainly true, it is also a privilege to have a seat at the table, and not one we take lightly. This next year will be focused on having as much diversity and representation at the table as possible; because we all don’t know what we don’t know.

Join our team to help others in the community! The club is looking for you to help us make the LGBTQ+ community a stronger & more inclusive place. Have a special skill, talent, or would like to manage an LGBTQ+ focused program? Let us know how you want to get involved! Our board is full of full-time, part-time, seasonal positions, what might feel right for you?

As a club we love leaning into specialized skills, we are always open to creating roles for you to make a rewarding and positive impact.

RCSC is currently in search of the following specialists:

Treasurer / Certified Public Accountant / Certified Fraud Examiner [certified licenseship and experience required]

DEI Director [certification and/or previous work experience required]

Certified Coach [US Soccer Grade “C” or higher, or Grade “D” with 1 year path to promotion required]

Volunteer Manager [previous experience leading projects/teams required, PMI/CAPM preferred]


Don’t see a position listed that matches your skills? – Contact us